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          Create the soul of analog circuit Be a leader in analog integrated circuits

          Digital Isolator

          Rpsemi standard and enhanced digital isolators have industry-leading performance based on unique iDivider technology. We provide high voltage, high speed, low power, small size integrated power supply and JEDEC, AEC-Q100 certified low-cost isolators for every application, including industrial and automotive.



          Rpsemi offers a bunch of interface devices for common protocols, including isolated CAN, isolated 485 and isolated I2C based on iDivider technology, as well as non-isolated CAN transceivers with outstanding performance characteristics and reliability.



          Rpsemi offers versatile gate drivers based on iDivider technology and features separated output, Miller clamp, dead time programmable, desaturation monitoring and soft shutdown to help design efficient, reliable and power-intensive systems.



          It is inevitable to measure signals such as current, voltage and temperature in industrial and automotive applications. Rpsemi offers high accuracy sampling products with low bias and low temperature drift.


          Opto-compatible Isolation

          The Opto-compatible products are based on Rpsemi unique iDivider technology . While compared with traditional optocoupler devices, they greatly improves the performance of common mode transient immunity, isolation performance, transmission delay and operating temperature range, making it more suitable for industrial and automotive applications with stringent requirements.



          Rpsemi provides high safety, high reliability and long life time automotive grade products with AEC-Q100 qualification.


          Hot sale

          Standard Digital Isolator
          Part Number Total Channel Amount Reverse Max Data Rate Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document
          π110M30 1 0 10Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π120E30 2 0 200Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 ***Q Download
          π120M30 2 0 10Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π120U30 2 0 150kbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π121M30 2 1 10Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π121M31 2 1 10Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π121U31 2 1 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π122E31 2 2 200Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 ***Q Download
          π122E61 2 2 200Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 ***Q Download
          π122M30 2 2 10Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π122M31 2 2 10Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π122M61 2 2 10Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π122U31 2 2 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π131E31S 3 1 200Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V SSOP16 Download
          π131E61 3 1 200Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π131M31 3 1 10Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π131M61 3 1 10Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π131U30 3 1 150kbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π131U31 3 1 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π131U31S 3 1 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V SSOP16 Download
          π140E30S 4 0 200Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V SSOP16 Download
          π141E30S 4 1 200Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V SSOP16 Download
          π141E31S 4 1 200Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V SSOP16 Download
          π141E60 4 1 200Mbps Logic Low AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 ***Q Download
          π141E61 4 1 200Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 ***Q Download
          π141M31 4 1 10Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π141M61 4 1 10Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π141U31 4 1 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π142E61 4 2 200Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 ***Q Download
          π142M31 4 2 10Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π142M61 4 2 10Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π142U31 4 2 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π160E30 6 0 200Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π160M30 6 0 10Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π160M60 6 0 10Mbps Logic Low AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π160U30 6 0 150kbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π161M31 6 1 10Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π161U31 6 1 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π162E31 6 2 200Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π162M31 6 2 10Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π162M61 6 2 10Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π162U31 6 2 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π163E31 6 3 200Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          π163M61 6 3 10Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π163U31 6 3 150kbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-16 Download
          DFN Digital Isolator
          Part Number Total Channel Amount Reverse Max Data Rate Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document
          π110M10 1 0 10Mbps Logic Low AC1500Vrms Surge3000V 8-P-DFN Download
          π120E10 2 0 200Mbps Logic Low AC1500Vrms Surge3000V 8-P-DFN Download
          π122M11 2 1 10Mbps Logic High AC1500Vrms Surge3000V 8-P-DFN Download
          Digital Opto-Coupler
          Part Number Total Channel Amount Reverse Highest speed Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document
          π121S61R 2 1 2Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V SSOW10L Download
          π131S61R 3 1 2Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V SSOW10L Download
          π121U61R 2 1 150kbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V SSOW10L Download
          π131U61R 3 1 150kbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V SSOW10L Download
          I2C Isolator
          Part Number Total Channel Amount SCL Max Data Rate Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document
          π220N31 2 Bidirectional 2MHz OPEN AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          Single Channel Isolated Driver
          Part Number Isolation Voltage Output Current(A) Peak Source/Sink Driver Side UVLO(V) CMTI(kV/us) Propagation Delay(ns) (Typ.) Package AEC-Q100 Document
          Pai8211A-SR 3.75kVrms 6/6 8 150 51 NB SOIC-8 Download
          Dual Channel Isolated Driver
          Part Number Isolation Voltage Output Current(A) Peak Source/Sink Driver Side UVLO(V) CMTI(kV/us) Propagation Delay(ns) (Typ.) Package AEC-Q100 Document
          Pai8233A-WR 5kVrms 4/8 9 300 90 WB SOIC-14 Download
          Pai8233B-WR 5kVrms 4/8 6 100 19 WB SOIC-14 Download
          Pai8233C-WR 5kVrms 4/8 9 100 19 WB SOIC-14 Download
          Pai8233D-WR 5kVrms 4/8 6 300 90 WB SOIC-14 Download
          Digital Isolator
          Part Number Isolation Voltage Output Current(A) Peak Source/Sink Driver Side UVLO(V) CMTI(kV/us) Propagation Delay(ns) (Typ.) Package AEC-Q100 Document
          π122E30Q 2 2 200Mbps Logic Low AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π122E31Q 2 2 200Mbps Logic High AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          π122E61Q 2 2 200Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π141E60Q 4 1 200Mbps Logic Low AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          π141E61Q 4 1 200Mbps Logic High AC5000Vrms Surge8000V WB SOIC-16 Download
          Part Number Total Channel Amount Reverse Highest speed Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document
          π220N31Q 2 Bidirectional 2MHz OPEN AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download
          Part Number Total Channel Amount SCL Max Data Rate Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document
          Pai8211AQ-SR 3.75kVrms 6/6 8 150 51 NB SOIC-8 Download
          Pai8233A-WR 5kVrms 4/8 9 300 90 WB SOIC-14 Download
          Pai8233B-WR 5kVrms 4/8 6 100 19 WB SOIC-14 Download
          Pai8233C-WR 5kVrms 4/8 9 100 19 WB SOIC-14 Download
          Pai8233D-WR 5kVrms 4/8 6 300 90 WB SOIC-14 Download

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